SUPER BOWL! Here’s how things went down…

i feel like this picture sums up everyone’s reaction to the worst play ever:


Thankfully, we were enjoying some good eats while the Super Bowl went down.

The spread looked like this:


Highlights of the table included

  • Ginger Molasses Football cookies
  • Beer-Cheddar hot dip
  • Onion-Ranch dip
  • Pretzel buns

In addition to what’s featured above, we served honey garlic meatballs, a cheese board (Lancashire, Brie and a cheese ball), carrots and celery with a blue cheese dip and various breads and crackers. Our guests also brought some yummy chicken wings and another brought a delightful chocolate-shortbread square.

We had hosted a Grey Cup party in November, so I thankfully still had some football themed napkins about.

I have recipes to share for all of the featured foods above.  Comment on the post or send me a DM and I’d be happy to share them with you.

And now for my favourite plays of the game:




(Yes MISSY!)

2 thoughts on “SUPER BOWL! Here’s how things went down…

  1. Meegs, this is a really fun blog – especially for those of us on the other side of “the Pond” who really enjoy converting recipes from “cups”! I’d love to know how you make your Beer-cheddar hot dip – it looks gorgeous! And I imagine it tastes like more, more, more!


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