Friday night fish fry

Last year my Dad went to British Columbia and caught some fish.  Being the awesome father that he is, he brought home his fish and shared it.  We have had the pleasure of tasting delicious cod, haddock and red snapper from British Columbian waters. (Side bar: The best fish and chips OF LIFE was in Mallaig, Scotland when we had Jaffy’s on the pier. Best fish I’ve ever had, no contest. Fresh haddock from the ocean to my wooden fork)


Anyways… back to the Canadian fish – This week we got some more of the B.C. offerings and decided to have a fish n’ chip dinner for Friday night.

We decided to deep fry the haddock and cod and pan fry the red snapper

For the Red Snapper, i put olive oil, lemon juice, pearl onions, salt and pepper into a pan and brought it up to a medium/high heat.  Once the oil was hot, I put the 2 fillets in and gave each side approximately 3 minutes.

For the cod and haddock, we found this great British style batter at a UK store in Barrie. The trick to a good fry is to pat dry the fish, dredge in flour and then pull through the prepared batter.

When ready, gently ‘swim’ the fish into the oil.  Oil should be heated to 350 F (We discovered previously if you just drop battered fish in without letting it ‘swim’ it will just sink to the bottom and stick to the basket.)  Check out my technique here:
Make sure you have the proper accompianments (tartar sauce, some UK HP sauce and vinegar) on the table and some decent chips (that’s British for fries) and enjoy!

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