Updates from a dormant blogger


I haven’t posted to this blog in over a year.

Which makes me sad but is also understandable. I don’t usually get personal with this blog but the last 2 years have not been the best. Some big things that happened were:

  1. I went through a pretty intensive MS treatment that left me exhausted and the last thing on my mind was cooking/baking
  2. my mother passed away from cancer and I’m still living a new normal where being in the kitchen brings me complicated/mixed emotions

That said, there’s also some very good things happening, including a move to a new house my husband and I just purchased. This means no more galley kitchen! No more struggling to cook/bake with an unreliable oven temperature. A dishwasher! To say I’m excited for a new kitchen is an understatement.

So now it’s time to start packing up, figure out what’s coming with us to the new house and for me to day dream about the new space. And starting sometime in July, once we’re moved and moderately settled, watch for a new post from me 🙂


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